I am an high production Realtor working in Chapel Hill/ Durham NC. Yesterday I closed a transaction where my buyer choose to use Sebonic Financial a company I never heard of previously and one I hope to never hear about again.

Based on over 25 yars of experience and over a thousand successfully closed transactions, I can say with some authority that Sebonic Financial was the worst lender I've come across in many years. They made BOA which up until this transaction was the worst actually look good.

Totally uncommunicative, rude, and unprofessional, you would be better off getting poked in the eye by a sharp stick than to work with these folks. I will make certain they are never involved in any way with any of my transactions in the future.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sebonic Financial Mortgage.

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Ryan Rullo IS an unprofessional lump of you know what!

to Anonymous #1368725

Yes beware of him and his scams!


But that realtor sounds like a total unprofessional person as well with his tone and descriptive unprofessional wording. Way to go realtor..

Makes your personality shine like a star. And lets people know not to use you either.

Also states you are out of New Jersey. Real Bridge and Tunnel type.....

to Anonymous #1102613

You sound like a ***.

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