Background: William McGuirt from Sebonic Financial quoted me a competitive rate and a lender credit, and then informed me that the credit was no longer available.

Me: Ok please let me know if those offers become available again and we'll proceed.

William McGuirt from Sebonic Financial: The most would have been $1000 and now I am giving you $400. Those who wait on the best in this business often miss out on "good enough". Next best opportunity would be a war with Russia. Think that will happen before [closing date]?

Me: I don't know much about Russia, but I know that [competitor] matched your terms and gave us an $1100 credit, so we'll go with them. Thanks for your time.

William McGuirt from Sebonic Financial: Thanks for wasting my time. I'll be sure to keep your information. [Competitor] is the king of bait and switch. I work with all of their old employees for a reason. Wait until they hit you with extension fees at the end. I'll be in touch!!!!

William McGuirt from Sebonic Financial: Next guy is getting 3%

Product or Service Mentioned: Sebonic Financial Mortgage.

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They used the same bait-and-switch tactics on me or tried to during my recent refi. almost closing when suddenly there were delays after delay and the rate had to be increased because the lock.

Has expired. Stay away from these people they are bad.


William McGuirt now works for GoodMortgage.com so avoid them


I love it when a shady crocked company tries to back up their poor work by blaming the customer. These folks sound like used car salesmen.

Then to put icing on the cake their little rebuttal goofball "happy' That responds to all these negative reviews say "look at all our good reviews".


Sure Mr. used car salesman aka Sebonic you did sell 10 cars this month, but 2 of them the doors fell off of the day after they drove off the lot.

You call that a success Sebonic?

to Quicken #1360133

You are as bad as they are..


That is not how the conversation went exactly. I did everything I could to earn the borrower's business and still to this day represent the company well.

To be honest, the conversation should have never taken place over email as I am the one that looks unprofessional. Sebonic is a great company with great management. I left a cushy job at bank to join the team here with a child on the way. That should say something about the company I chose to work for.

If you have questions regarding the reviews feel free to email me directly at william.mcguirt@sebonic.com. NMLS ID 589203

Orlando, Florida, United States #809078

What was unprofessional? Did you see the emails?

Did you see the amount of work the loan officer provided to the borrower which was probably over an beyond the borrower would get elsewhere. Have you seen the reviews on Lending Tree, Bankrate and Zillow for the same LO?

Here are 12 complaints against Sebonic against thousands of happy ones.


Looks like this customer is upset because of the unprofessional emails that he received from the loan officer, not because the lender credit changed or because he didn't understand the terms.

Charlotte, North Carolina, United States #806149

This customer is upset because he decided to wait. Market changes impacted the lender credit that was available.

And rates have been up every day since then.

Charlotte, North Carolina, United States #806148

Bad experiences are usually a direct result of the consumer not completely understanding the terms at the initial lock. Lender credits are available based on changes in the bond market which directly impact interest rates.

to Loanofficer #829005

Ohhhh, insulting consumer intelligence will get you in the same bucket. Because the lenders make it so difficult to understand THE "terms" ; it does make the whole business a genuine bait and switch scheme

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