John Bennett, our initial contact, was great: not pushy, came through with what he promised, nice to talk to, etc. once we made the deposit and were put in the care of Cardinal financial, things went South in a hurry. Rather than writing a extensive review, I will give three examples of their horrible service:

They entered my wife's SSN wrong. It took them one week to fix it after I pointed the mistake out.

The local company doing the appraisal, could not do it for several days because Cardinal did not pay for it in time.

One hour after the appointed time to sign and finalize the loan, I get an email from Cardinal asking for extra documentation.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $2000.

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That sounds like Cardinal. Do stay away from these folks or You may regret it!


I'm just now starting the process. Is there anyone out there that has good things to say about this company?


Horrible customer service online. They guy that answered the phone did not care to earn my business and hung up on me without saying goodbye. Very unprofessional!


Took three weeks to get our appraisal!! Bad communication and will delay your application BIG TIME!!

Do not go with this company unless you love slow response time!!! This company will ask you for docs especially two days before closing date so don't count on closing in time. In the end, we went with another lender because our faith in cardinal financial was just not there. They are rude and unprofessional!!!

All the processors and underwriters are in different states so it goes crazy slow!! We went with a local financial company who went above and beyond and even worked after closing hours on my file!! Also they closed it in a week! So run the other way!!!

They will draw you with low rates and first contact may seem pleasant but as soon as you start the process it becomes a living nightmare!!!!!!!!! This was the worst experience ever!


Those are innocent and typical occupational hazards. I was thinking that you were going to say they were scammers like Quicken Loans...instead, you understandably are annoyed at human mis-haps like transposing a number, or the lazy underwriter who only looks at your file when it is due to close.

Do you have more about this company to share? Did you close on your loan?


That's it??