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Sitting right now at closing. We've been sitting here for 2 1/2 hours, still waiting on Cardinal Financial (Sebonic's mortgage half) to get their act together.

We had notification that the funds were released, but they required some code on the paperwork they failed to provide. No one was answering their phones ow emails!! I finally got a hold of someone unrelated to anyone assigned to our mortgage, and now we're waiting for them to resolve some unspecified internal condition. And waiting.

I'm so embarrassed because I chose the mortgage company, and this is how they are handling things!!! No idea what the problem even is.

Product or Service Mentioned: Sebonic Financial Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Chicago, Illinois, United States #1201517

Looking @ sebonic for refinance in Chicago- We have been recommended to Jason Lambert

He appears to be very thorough and receptive

Who did you work with?


I hope others will learn to not use Sebonic because they will get your hopes up at the end. They are not profesonal at all, I know, they tried to screw me. Go with a local credit union if you can so you have a person you can deal with directly and not incompitant processors and underwriters from Cardinal and sebonic in different states.


after 10 weeks they were still asking for information for a refinance harp that requires no credit check no income no appraisal however all of which has been asked for and provided; then it gets better after changing persons to handle the loan, they want information about a foreclosure from several years ago, a sale of property which is in a trust that I receive rental income for, they have facts all incorrect, it felt like years ago when my stacks of paper were 2 feet high(no kidding) and banks refused to assist in order to save my homes, living like a gypsy from house to house as banks would tell you where to go and what was required? all resulted in default; but of coarse major fall/illness loss of income and finally starting to get my head above water on a fixed income mortgages are current and a variable so payments are going up, called the lender only to be told it would continue to go up and most likely would end up losing my home?

Was excited and grateful someone was going to refinance my home? what a disappointment, refused all other requests no longer want a refinance will just sell when the rates get too high,

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