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I contacted Sebonic financial for a re-fi to a 15 year mortgage on 10/23 turned in all paper work and showed all income. She said it was approved so i went and paid 450 for an appraisal. It was getting close to the 30 days rate lock and no one had contacted me. I had to contact them for them to tell me my debit to income ratio was not good after she said it was ok and i had a tentative closing date. very unhappy. I could have used the 450 for... Read more

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I contacted Sebonic/Cardinal Mortgage on 10/14/16. Loan processor sent in refinance application. I provided my income and debt and was approved for a 15 year refi. I provided countless of documents underwriting required. I paid for an appraisal that they required. I was given a closing date of 11/18/2016. I never heard anything from my loan processor it happened to be my insurance company that asked if it was ok to update mortgage holder info on... Read more

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Bait and switch. After three months of waiting to get an appraisal , limited communication and multiple excuses, I found out today that this company wanted to charge me an additional $3500.00 for an appraisal that had wrong information about my address. There were multiple mistakes about my property description, most likely put there to draw out the closing process so that I would have to pay extra $ to keep the low locked rate . To charge... Read more

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I initially received 10/1 arm and 30 year terms for refinance. i wanted the 10/1 ARM and submitted all information, agree to a credit check. I thought I was on good terms after the phone call with Victoria. this is when things took a turn. 1. Paperwork was for 30 year fixed. 10/1 ARM not available for the loan I wanted? 2. Not 80% loan to value, only 75% on this loan. 3. Activation did not go through. 4. Activation goes through with wrong... Read more

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Truly the Best!! From the time that I initially applied until the time I had final "clear to close" was 3 weeks. I closed exactly 4 weeks from the date I applied. I chose Sebonic over other lenders because of their great rates and loan features. They proved to me that I made the right decision. Rachel Swick contacted me within minutes and from the very first moment, she was always available by telephone and/or email. She always returned my... Read more

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I heard they used to be good. Great rates at least. Now I filled in the online forms in return for being promised a quote. All I received was a phone call and email asking for the same info again. Where did my initial inquiry go? Why did you have me fill out all the info if you don't keep it or don't know where it is kept. I was told I would not be given a quote unless I provided it again. Simply put, this business practice is deplorable.... Read more

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The worst mortgage company I have ever experienced through multiple refinancing. They did not appear at the closing. Either they did not pay the tax on time, so I paid the penalty for the property tax. If I call the service department, they are saying that it is my responsibility. Terrible service. Also, they keep changing their words. You have to avoid working with this company even though they offer very low rates. Terrible service. Also, they... Read more

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This company advertises attractive rates, but has poor service. The appraiser they sent was here for maybe 20 min and the resulting appraisal had numerous omissions and inaccuracies on my home and the neighborhood, which resulted in a low Loan-To-Value number. I informed both the appraisal company and the lender of the discrepancies in the appraisal and asked for a corrected version- they did nothing. Since I paid for the appraisal out of my... Read more

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I went to this company because of a online advertised rate. I have 800+ credit scores across all bureaus and currently earn $110-$125,000 now and annually for the past 10 years. I applied for a conventional loan 30 year fixed and was issued a valid pre-approval letter after all my documents were reviewed. 4 days prior to closing escrow the loan processor was switched to another processor which stated they would be packaging my loan to be sold to... Read more

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Do not call this company. They give you the run around and do not show any compassion. They should go out of business. Please stay away!! Read more

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