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This company advertises attractive rates, but has poor service. The appraiser they sent was here for maybe 20 min and the resulting appraisal had numerous omissions and inaccuracies on my home and the neighborhood, which resulted in a low Loan-To-Value number. I informed both the appraisal company and the lender of the discrepancies in the appraisal and asked for a corrected version- they did nothing. Since I paid for the appraisal out of my... Read more

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I went to this company because of a online advertised rate. I have 800+ credit scores across all bureaus and currently earn $110-$125,000 now and annually for the past 10 years. I applied for a conventional loan 30 year fixed and was issued a valid pre-approval letter after all my documents were reviewed. 4 days prior to closing escrow the loan processor was switched to another processor which stated they would be packaging my loan to be sold to... Read more

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Do not call this company. They give you the run around and do not show any compassion. They should go out of business. Please stay away!! Read more

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Warning ! Do not use this company! They lack knowledge about VA refi program and will put you through unnessasary stringent requirements. Even if you have perfect credit. They don't respect the military nor do they understand how the military works or the VA loan process. It's not an easy process to get the refi with this company and you will get varied answers. Mislead and they really don't care about your business. If you are a veteran or... Read more

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I applied for refinance my home and this company told me $1000 of closing costs. Took extra for appraisal and their own people did appraisal. They appraised below the market value and company asked me to pay $3500 for closing costs and said your home value is less. Few years back home was appraised more than this appraisal. Now every day market value is going up. They took $610 for appraisal to blow my ...... and raised every corner. They are... Read more

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The initial communication with my loan originator Miyone Ennis was positive. Within 3 days, I had a list of documents to upload/fax and an appointment with my loan processor Adam Taylor. The teleconference with Adam was straightforward. The process for uploading/faxing documents was simple and left me with a positive experience to this point. Then the nightmare began. Once underwriting got involved, there were, what seemed to be, endless... Read more

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I used to work for a mortgage brokerage as a software engineer - I'm not going to mention the name, but they even did a better job at guiding their customers through the process and they were far from perfect. I would like to think that I'm one of the customers a financial institution would be dying to have with 738 credit, a high salary and purchase agreement in hand. After talking to a loan officer for around an hour and a half (wth!) I... Read more

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Sitting right now at closing. We've been sitting here for 2 1/2 hours, still waiting on Cardinal Financial (Sebonic's mortgage half) to get their act together. We had notification that the funds were released, but they required some code on the paperwork they failed to provide. No one was answering their phones ow emails!! I finally got a hold of someone unrelated to anyone assigned to our mortgage, and now we're waiting for them to resolve some... Read more

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I filed an application for out-of-state mortgage pre-approval through Sebonics. Never heard back from the mortgage originator.I emailed him twice and called and left a message. Finally, I complained on Sebonics web site about poor customer service. I was told the mortgage originator that they referred me to wasn't licensed in the state where I wanted to purchase a home so he couldn't handle mortgage there! He was so unprofessional that he just... Read more

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I don't even know where to begin. My experience with Sebonic Financial (Cardinal Financial) was an exercise in ridiculousness. My refi should have been so easy...40% LTV, great credit and assets, etc. They could not get it done. First they said the appraiser told them the house wasn't permitted which was crazy. The four times I refi'd in the past, the appraisers had no problems finding the permits. I had to send the permits to the loan... Read more

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