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I used to work for a mortgage brokerage as a software engineer - I'm not going to mention the name, but they even did a better job at guiding their customers through the process and they were far from perfect. I would like to think that I'm one of the customers a financial institution would be dying to have with 738 credit, a high salary and purchase agreement in hand. After talking to a loan officer for around an hour and a half (wth!) I... Read more

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Sitting right now at closing. We've been sitting here for 2 1/2 hours, still waiting on Cardinal Financial (Sebonic's mortgage half) to get their act together. We had notification that the funds were released, but they required some code on the paperwork they failed to provide. No one was answering their phones ow emails!! I finally got a hold of someone unrelated to anyone assigned to our mortgage, and now we're waiting for them to resolve some... Read more

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I filed an application for out-of-state mortgage pre-approval through Sebonics. Never heard back from the mortgage originator.I emailed him twice and called and left a message. Finally, I complained on Sebonics web site about poor customer service. I was told the mortgage originator that they referred me to wasn't licensed in the state where I wanted to purchase a home so he couldn't handle mortgage there! He was so unprofessional that he just... Read more

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I don't even know where to begin. My experience with Sebonic Financial (Cardinal Financial) was an exercise in ridiculousness. My refi should have been so easy...40% LTV, great credit and assets, etc. They could not get it done. First they said the appraiser told them the house wasn't permitted which was crazy. The four times I refi'd in the past, the appraisers had no problems finding the permits. I had to send the permits to the loan... Read more

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Just received a call from this company saying that I somehow received a deposit from there company almost six years ago. When I tried to ask what is going on and why I was receiving calls from their company, when this is the first time I have ever heard about a loan from whatever company that they are, they simply told me my address from 7 years ago, which can be found on any credit check, and continue to yell at me saying that they are sending... Read more

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We are presently going through the process with Sean Mahar at Sebonic. The communication, professionalism and his knowledge of the process has been far above what I would've expected, based on overall reviews of the home loan process. Cardinal Financial is apparently the parent company of Sebonic. Dawn has been very easy to get in touch with through Cardinal and it has been for the most part a very easy ride, until yesterday, 4 days before... Read more

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I am the buyers agent on a Sebonic loan and the communication is horrible. I emailed last week to make sure we were on schedule to close today and the answer was yes...well today is the day and we haven't closed yet and probably won't. Yesterday their system was "down" and the processor still hasn't returned my call. She did finally decide to talk to the buyer and the title company and asking for documentation that should have been asked for... Read more

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Second time around with Cardinal and just as disappointed if not more so than the 1st. Simple straight-forward refinance with cash out that turned into a juvenile fiasco of mortgage processes. The rep doesn't know basic mortgage terms, couldn't intelligently inform me of what program he was setting me up in, didn't know basic processes, complete lack of communication and finally a bad appraisal and delays that resulted in me cancelling the... Read more

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I was quoted 4500 in closing costs on a loan and was finally given an estimate of 12K. Very shady company. They made huge mistakes in the closing costs update and it keeps getting higher. Their requirement for paperwork is unrealistic and frustrating. I had to refax documents over and over before they go them. Go with a local bank which will be much easier to deal with. NOT recommended! One big headache after another. Dont know if we will... Read more

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I worked with Joe Perkins to refinance my house and I was very pleased the way he handled ito whom I worked with a Joe Perkins and Mark to refinance for my house and I was very pleased with the outcome. I started working with Joe in December of 2015 and I closed January 27, 2016.Joe and Mark performance were supper. Joe explained to me and there was NO hidden cost at all. in future I love to use Subsonic finance group specially with Joe... Read more

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